Do queueitem have something like tags (in BP)?

Hi, I’back with question regarding taging queueitem. I have complex process with a few steps and I want to use queue to report completed cases. is any way to tag which step was finished successful, which was not started because of business rules etc.
There was suggestion to divide process into two or three separate queues, but it is not good solution in my opinion, because as I say I need to report them in the finish of the process.

You can use a Set Transaction Progress activity to set a custom progress for the activity. This will show on the item info in Orchestrator if you click the View Details icon. If you need to query by progress I think you would have to use the Orchestrator database. I don’t see any way to filter by progress in Orchestrator, but I’m on an older version so my info may be outdated.

Hi @idol

You can use Set Transaction Status activity to set the transaction status to what you need. Also have a look at the REFramework template which is available in the Studio. This will give you a good idea on how to handle such scenarios.

In version 2018, you can filter by status (Successful, Failed, etc). Then, I believe there is an Export button so you can save this information to a CSV or Excel.

There is also analytics per Queue that you can look at when you go to Queues, so you can check that out. However, it’s just a graph.

For more in depth analytics, I would suggest using an external tool to bring in the logs from the database.

I agree. There should be 1 Job and 1 Queue per Business Process, in my opinion.