Do I need to have an Unattended bot to use start job and get reference?

hello. I have a question about the start job and get reference activities.

Can start job and get reference be used only with Unattended bot?
I am testing with Attended, but the following error occurs.
[Couldn’t find any user with unattended robot permissions in the current folder. Error code: 1671].

start job and get reference requires Unattended to call the process?


Start job needs an unattended license…so an attended bit cannot be triggered

Hope this helps


@testbb it needs unattended license or non prod license to trigger it

why do we use this activity if we can start a job directly from orchestrator? In what scenario this activity is needed?


Say you have a scenario where a bot needs to be triggered after completing a specific action in another process then you can leverage this activity

There can be many more scenarios as well this is one of it

Hope this helps


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