Do i have to use innertext in selector

What is the deference between inner text and aanam in selector

Are some problem happen if i use it(inner text)

blind people use a program that reads all web pages in some logical order.
in order to make it readable, it needs to get all data and filter it, that’s where aaname takes action -
aaname tag is now mandatory for every website, it’s used to uniquely identify an element by Assistive Technologies (AT)
and yes, usually it has the same content as the element inner text

thats mean no problem if I use InnerText and aaname with us sure?

it doesn’t matter which one you use, sometimes the object you want uipath to identify doesn’t have one of the properties so you will need to use the other.
(for instance a button with no text, just an image, and it was given the aaname property to make sure it will be readable/accessable)

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Tanks alot

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