Do an action if an input is blocked

I want to do x activities if the input box is blocked, but if is not blocked I want to use the type into
When the box is blocked I cant use the type into, UiPath says that the action Cannot be performed
This is how it looks when is blocked
This is how it looks when it is available
Sorry for making so many threads in the forum, I am new at this rpa world and internet tutorials are awfull

The UiPath Academy isn’t awful. Have you done that free training?

Anyway, one way to do this is to use the Set Text activity, then use Get Text to see if the value is what you tried to set it to. If it is, then the UI element was active and accepted the new value. If it isn’t then the UI element is disabled.

You also might be able to use Get Attribute to detect if it’s enabled or disabled.

Hi @Juandix

You can use a classic type into activity with the AlfterIfDisabled activity which is not the best option but you can try

for modern, use a get attribute activity to retrieve if the box is available or not as @postwick said, based on that perfrom the action


Get Attribute exists in classic and modern.


One dirstly and straight way…

Use a try catch around type into and in catch have your steps to be performed when it is not active


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