Division between two numbers in excel

Hello everyone, I have a little problem with an automation, I must divide between the value of column I with the value of column G, the result must be housed in column F, but what happens is that I am getting results wrong, I do not understand what may be happening.
In column F are the values that I get at the time of performing the operation in Uipath or even with an excel macro (if I run it from excel the results are correct, but if I run it from uipath it shows me the wrong values)
In column O are the correct values

InventarioCafeVerde.xls (47.5 KB)


I wrote workflow for your requirement and it seems no problem.
Can you check the following sample? It makes new sheet named result and write calculation result in column N.

Sample20211012-1.zip (17.2 KB)


Dear Juan,

You will get error if you use file workbook activity because of the format issue in column G
Try to use Excel Application Scope to for this operation,it will handle the format implicitly and will give you the result without error.

It works for me too if we use the Excel Application Scope

Geetishree Rao