Dividing columns and data and appending parallelly

Hello All,

I’m facing an issue with the excel data dividing. I have attached Excel file and I need data as mentioned in Expected output sheet.

UIIC Sample.xlsx (54.9 KB)

Hi @ramshiva_reddy ,
Can you tell me about rule to data dividing from sheet1 to sheet2
I understand only get 4 policy number in sheet 1

The Sl no row should come under 1st header and the below row should come under 2nd header

At sheet1, header in 2 rows, it make you can not get data by header?

in sheet2, header in 1 rows but same infor in sheet1?

what are I think right?

Yes You are right. Now I need the data below that headers

Hey @ramshiva_reddy,

The XAML attached in this reply produces the below output

ExcelCell_Division.xaml (18.2 KB)

Excel Sheet: -
UIIC Sample.xlsx (66.1 KB)
Sample.xlsx (29.0 KB)

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Thank you so much. It worked.


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Hey @ramshiva_reddy ,
Glad to be of help

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