Divide two numbers in uipath

Hi Team,

I need to divide two numbers using uipath.
Both value I am getting from “get text activity” from browser,


Use string.Split to divide the numbers.
What is the output value of get text activity. So I will give the expression to divide the numbers.


Share sample output from the get text activity, I assume that you are getting a string with a space and then did the following,

Convert.ToInt32( str.Split(" "c, StringSplitOptions.None)(0))/ Convert.ToInt32( str.Split(" "c, StringSplitOptions.None)(1))

output is generic value

No I am not getting string with space.
I am directly getting value. Can you share expression for direct value from get text

Check with this one,

Convert.ToInt32( genericOutput.ToString.Split(" "c, StringSplitOptions.None)(0))/ Convert.ToInt32( genericOutput.ToString.Split(" "c, StringSplitOptions.None)(1))

Hi @sshitol,
you may use below code as the data type is generic value…
Convert.ToInt32( getTextStr1.tostring)/ Convert.ToInt32( getTextStr2.tostring)

But make sure or try to keep a condition that that the getTextStr2 is not equal to 0.


Exactly what value you are getting from get text?