Divide Excel sheet

Hello friends,
I need to divide an Excel sheet with more than 15 rows in separate Excel files .Xslx, each one of maximum 15 rows.
If you want I can attach here an example of Excel file.
Can you please help me in doing that?
Can you please attach a sample workflow?
Thank you so much dir your kind help.
Camilla :blush::blush:

Check this,

Rammohan B.

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Hi Camicat, one way is when you do read range there is an option to specify range, you can use this option to divide your excel into multiple data table and use it further as required.

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Thank you @Akash_Jain.
How is it possible to generate multiple tables with the “Read Range” activity?
Thank you so much.
Camilla :blush:

Hi Camicat,

One way i can think of now is,
Perform read range within loop, so the first loop data in data-table will be pushed to the excel that you want to and then clear the table and perform the activity for next set of rows in next iteration…

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