Distinguish between a document and a photograph

Hello Community

I am aiming to distinguish between a photograph and a pdf document
Is there a tool for doing this ?

Thnx in advance

May we ask you to rephrase your question?
is it about an input pdf where it is to check if retrievable text is available or images only are contained?

In case of scenario is different then please share with us:
Expected input filetype formats


Thnx for your response

In fact i want to distinguish between these three files
and this passport
Also this pdf file

for the document, it is easy because of the OCR engine

Ok so we can rephrase as following:

Input: pdf, image formats (jpg, png…)
How can we detect if input file contains 1.* image(s) (photo), text or both?

Does this match your scenario? Can we reduce the list of possible input formats?

So we are close to start with the answering process as soon the requirements are cleared and fixed.

Thanks for support

yeah exactly