Distinguish all the cells in an column

I have read the excel file and put it in a data table (see pictures)

After that, i removed the hyperlink column with the filter wizard

Please try the Remove Data Column activity :slight_smile:

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Sorry, i have sent you an old version of the .xaml file. I already removed it. I was just testing.
Main.xaml (30.8 KB)

Can you send the excel file as well?

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The thing here is if you remove the hyperlink column, you cannot use the row(“hyperlink”).ToString in the excel application scope because it is already removed

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Balans.zip (4.0 MB)

ah, that’s why.

Well, it does it job, but i just get the error.

What error do you get?

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Filter Data Table: In the ‘Filter datatable wizard’ the value for argument ‘Column Name’ is not set or is invalid.

Balans.zip (3.8 MB)

Try this one :slight_smile:


Ah that did the trick!!!

There has rised another problem. It is repeating itself like a loop.
It paste every time 25 rows from the first excel file.

It should finish after pasting the 25 rows. What can i do to stop the robot?

Edit: if you try to run the .xaml file, then you will see what i mean.

Good to hear that.
So you want to just get the first 25 rows?

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Wait. Let me check

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I just want only the rows from the input excel file: selectieverslag (2-oralce) B met hyperlink.
This file has only 24 rows and it should only copy the 24 rows to the output file.

Whenever i run it, it just keep pasting the 24 rows like a loop.

Is the hyperlink column still copied in the output file?

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The data table in the append range activity should be dtBoRapport. Sorry :slight_smile:

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No the hyperlink column isn’t copied, which is fine.

Also changed the append range into dtBORapport and it is copying row per row. (but it is opening and closing excel per row)
While with dtBalansSpec2 it is copying 24 rows at once, which i rather have.

Uncheck the Visible option in excel application scope

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In this picture, the visible option is check. Uncheck it on the two excel application scope

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I have unchecked both the visible option, but still stuck in the same loop.