Distinguish all the cells in an column

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I hope you are doing all wel! and I hope you guys can help me with my problem.

At this moment I have an Excel file which contains 7 columns: Group, hyperlink (Windows File path) and several data columns.

See picture:

As you can see, the column “group” has three groups: Group 1, 2 and 3.
The name of the group has been changed, because it has some confidential data in it. That’s why i have renamed it to group 1,2, and 3. The group isn’t always the same. It depends each month.

How can the Robot distinguish the name of the group?

The main purpose of this Excel file is to copy only the test data (Column C till G) to the Excel file that is linked on the hyperlink (Column B).

To do that, the robot has to filter the group column and keep only Group 1 and copy the test data to another Excel file. After that, the robot has to filter and keep only group 2 and so on.

Like i said, the column group isn’t always the same, so it is harder to filter it out, if the robot doesn’t know which group contains in the column.

Thank you guys for taking the time and would love to hear to a solution!

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Hi, can you upload that excel file? Thank you

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Here you go.
Thanks for the reply!

Excel Uipath forum.xlsx (9.4 KB)

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Hi @Nutella,
Please check this flow: GroupSorting.zip (32.0 KB)

Feel free to consult me if there is anything else.
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Is it all good now? :slight_smile:

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First, Thank you for your time and effort to help me.

Correction: it is not 7 columns but 27 columns. Is it wisely to add 27 columns to the build datatable?

The hyperlink is an existing Excel file and it should’t overwrite the file, but adding the data to the last blank row. How can i do that?

Again thank for your time!

So what we can do first is create an excel file for each group. Right?

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We have to copy the data of the first excel file to the existing file that we can reach/open with the hyperlink.

The hyperlink file has already data on it and we just have to add the data from the first excel file.

Please let me know, if you are still confused

I have figured it out. Thanks

Is it possible to to only open the excel file once and paste all the rows in the file?
Now it is opening and closing the Excel file for each row.

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Good to hear that!
Yes. You can.
First use Read Range. The output is a data table.
Then use Write Range or Append Range and use the data table as the input.

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Do i need to use Excel app or workbook?
I use now the Excel application scope

You may use Excel Application Scope

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I have tried it out.

For now it copy and paste all the rows, but it keeps repeating.
Also on the add data row, i have only typed the rows that needs to be paste on the output file, but it also copy the hyperlink cell.

What am I doing wrong?
Main.xaml (29.4 KB)

I think you may just uncheck the ‘Visible’ property in the Excel Application Scopes.

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Then in the Append Range activity, use dt BoRapport as the datatable

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Thanks, all the rows are now placed at the same time in the output file.
I have removed the cell “hyperlink” with the filter wizard, which doesn’t need to be copied to the output file, but i get the following error:
Filter Data Table: In the ‘Filter datatable wizard’ the value for argument ‘Column Name’ is not set or is invalid.

What did i do wrong?
Main.xaml (30.5 KB)

Okay. I will check. Before that, please mark the reply that helps you most as the Solution :slight_smile:

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Thank you, i have checked the solution

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I checked it. And I can’t see a Hyperlink Column in the data table

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If you just want to remove a column, just use Remove Data Column activity :slight_smile:

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