Distinct values from a datatable only getting applied on the last sheet

I am trying to get distinct values from my 1 excel which has 4 sheets in it.

But somehow only the 4th sheet gives the distinct values on the first three the logic doesn’t get applied.


As you can see in the above screenshot only the SQL sheet is giving the right output rest sheets are not.

Xaml File →
Main.xaml (44.7 KB)

Excel File →
test.xlsx (29.5 KB)

i think its because you used dtFiltered instead of dt so some of the rows were excluded

if i change dtFiltered to dt then its correct

I need to read my result from the dtfiltered only. because I have filtered out some rows from the main dt and stored them into the dtfiltered

ok this should be A2 instead of A3 then it will work, dont have to change dtFiltered


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