Displaying content in 1-D array of system.data.datarow values

Hi all,

today I will need your help again.


To print the desired content shown in the attached picture to Excel, notepad, and uipath message box automatically.

Please note that I know how to convert this 1D array data row to a string table (via the datatable.select(‘conditions’).copytodatatable command and the uipath output datatable activity) that I can print out to the various text mediums.

What I want is the exact content you see in the picture, what not with the datarow[10] (Datarow… HasErrors, ItemArray, RowError, etc] labels that could be very useful in automation (all those flags one can use to filter out lots of information.

Is this possible? I look forward to the good news this community can present.

The variable is of 1-D array of data row data type, created from the filtering of a datatable variable.