Display version of automation

hi all,

how can we display the version of automation in the title of message box?


Sorry I didn’t get you. Could you please tell more details for better understanding.

@lakshman reflect the version# of the automation in the title of the box


You mean after publishing process it will generate version number right and want to print that version number ?

If yes then we don’t have any direct activity to print it. You need to go to packages folder and find the package based on its name and then extract version number from it.

@lakshman is it possible to fetch it from json and store it in variable?


Yes you can.

  1. Use Read Text File activity and pass project.json file path and will give output as string.
  2. And then use Deserialize Json activity to convert String into JsonObject and then fetch required value from it.

Please refer below thread to do this.