Display user roles in SU01 - SAP


This is my first time using UI path. Very news to this tools. I know this is the great tools which can automate the process.

I had installed the UI path studio and trying to automate the process to display the user roles.

However, I failed to do that. I managed to record the step to login SAP system, but, when I want to record user ID in SU01, I can’t enter the user id, when I mouse over to the user ID text field, It pointing to the block instead of the text field.

Honestly speaking, first-time experience using this tools, I found this tools is not so user-friendly at all for the new user.


SAP works in Citrix environment, which is all image based. Use Click Image activity instead of normal click. For clicking into typing field just give cursor a position with X and Y (In properties panel). Cant upload xaml as on office desktop. refer this link: Citrix Automation. Data Entry

Thanks for your reply.
We are not using the Citrix environment. Using SAPGUI to login to SAP system.
The problem is, I can’t record the steps for enter the user ID in SU01. When I click Record button, pointing to the text field, but, I can’t enter the user id, as it pointing the whole block. I tried all the options, but no luck.

Though you are using SAP GUI but sometimes UiPath is not able to identify the individual ui elements. Refer the link in my previous comment (or Citrix Automation. Data Entry ), going through this tutorial will definitely help you.

Hi @steve.chai ,

SAP GUI Scripting is required in order to enable UI elements recognition capabilities.

If not possible then you can Automate SAP Applications -without GUI Scripting.

This is not true. There are academy courses dedicated to SAP, tutorials, etc.
There are two options

  • SAP Scripting enabled - you will be able to detect most of the elements
  • SAP scripting disabled - you will still automate but you will be able to use text automation techniques (click text + native scraping) which is 100% reliable and very fast
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SAP scripting is enabled and the scripting profile parameter was set to True. But, still some UI element not able to detect.


The SAPGUI Scripting was enabled and profile parameter was maintained in SAP system. But, still some UI elements not able to detect.

Steve (and everyone else trying to use UIPath with SAP), there is a recent and very helpful video on this topic I highly recommend: SAP Automation with UiPath

It is normal for UIPath to not recognize every UI element in SAP, even if you have scripting enabled. You can record very complex activities however utilizing the image recognition (click image) and ocr (click text) functionality described in this video. It will handle your SU01 requirement and much much more.