Display settings check - As part of automation

Does anyone know of a way to check the display settings of pc prior to running a bot? I’m having some challenges with some users changing their display resolution and scale layout.

thank you!!

Hi @jsilvestre ,

In the latest version of the RE- Framework, they also log the Screen Resolution of the machine by using the below Expression :



Is their an activity to change the resolution without going through the display settings?
By the way is this on version V22.4? We’re migrating to V21 in the next month.

@jsilvestre ,

Could you try with the Component below from marketplace :

I don’t have access to the package from my orchestrator.

thank you

@jsilvestre ,

These are External packages, you would need to include Marketplace in your Manage Packages Settings for these packages to be shown. Additionally, you could also download this package in your local system and then upload it to your Working Environment’s Orchestrator.

Below is one more component that you could try which has several other options as well :