Display resolution

maybe it’s not UIs problem.
i use the display beam projector in the conference.
and run to the UI project.
but problem is show in the now.
doesn’t before linking the projecter have not problem.
but linking the projector call the problem.
i don’t know what is problems.
machine or program or RGBport?

Hi @elysium,

  1. When you run your artifact without connecting the projector then it runs on the default screen resolution and you have captured the images and all elements in this resolution.
  2. When you connect your projector then the default resolution changes automatically.
  3. If you have a higher resolution supporting projector, then you can change it to by default by going to the resolution settings of your system,
  4. Else you can use the Invoke workflow Interactive activity, so that you can set the resolution for your artifact specially.

Just try this and let us know.