Display multiple images in Form task Action Center


Can someone help with a dynamic approach on displaying an unknown number of images in each form task. The images is used in the decision process from the user.

The knowledge base states:
Known limitations: One has to define multiple form data attributes (with _storage) for embedding multiple images (array of images not supported). Only tag is supported with this (and not .pdf or any other file) .

Any good solutions?

am looking for a similar solution, did you solve it @Michaeljep ? i found a way to display multiple PDFs but still I don’t work.

Actually no…however I did a workaround by creating a script that combines the multiple files into one and then uploading/displaying that singular merged file.

It would be nice if arrays of images/pdf’s were supported.

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Yes thats a bit unfortunate, can you share me the workaround script ? could be useful in case am adopting the same.
Am planning to display the PDF in Edit Grid which could even more difficult.