Display Logs in Each transaction Item info of Queue

Each Transaction Item in the Queue should display all Logs of that particular Transaction
so that it wont be a time taking process to search for that particular transaction from Bulk of logs at Robot level or Job level Logs

Hi @vinay_reddy,
Can you say a little bit more. At the moment I thing than putting all logs about transaction to particular Item can make it less readable and provide a lot of unnecessary logs when it comes to analyze all data etc.

Hi Pablito ,
Let’s say below process is put for a schedule to run every hour
And each job processes around 200 Records / Transactions

When bot process those transactions , at the end of the day if i want to look for a particular transaction , why it got failed or want to check the logs for that transaction the current situation is either i can view the Logs at Robot level or can view logs at Job level

which is very difficult to track in between wholesome of the Logs , what my idea here is
Logs of that particular transaction should be shown at that particular Transaction details only

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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Not using Orchestrator at this moment but this looks handy feature therefore +1

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That still is a really awesome feature to add on this year version