Display Log Fields in Orchestrator as Column

Dear UiPath Team,

recently we thought a lot about how to improve our logging setup in UiPath and how we can maximize the use of the already provided logging solution by UiPath Orchestrator in order to enable better monitoring and troubleshooting of our robots, instead of having an additional logging solution in place, such as ElasticSearch (Note that I am referring to the UiPath Automation Cloud Orchestrator, where ElasticSearch is still not integrated).

One point we stumbled upon was the displaying of log fields in UiPath Orchestrator. We are well aware of the fact that you can add additional fields to your log messages and that you can see all log fields of a log message by clicking the View Details on one specific log message.

However, we think it would be very beneficial to be able to display log fields as a column in the Logs page in Orchestrator. For example, display the fileName log field as an additional column.

This would improve the overall visibility of log messages and enable us to include custom log fields as columns for an easier troubleshooting process.

Please let me know what you think of this idea.

Best Regards,