Display Execution Status

Being FO or BO display a bar (on desktop or orchestrator) saying you have executed x% of the process. How do you calculate x?

How would you implement an algorithm that tells where you are within an workflow, what’s the execution status in %?

For a sequence is simple, you count the number of activities.

How would you deal with

  • invoke workflow
  • loops
  • flowcharts or state machines

You could get the average execution time from Orchestrator and then calculate progress based on that :sunglasses:

Oh, I confused que-item average time with process time, there’s no process average time. We could save it for processes too and THEN use it for progress.

Since it needs to cover both types, I guess using Transaction/Queue averages is not allowed (as in - % is counted on Job level)? Or should it be switchable (f.e. for 24/7 robots)?

EDIT: Or actually nevermind - average time-based % wouldn’t be accurate anyway.

This should work without queues too… there might be no average execution time.
You get to the same point like in loops (you might have 1 or 10 items to process).

The trick would be to have a counter (in aa this is easy as it that is a script and each line has a number - sequence). You just report the activity count. In a loop you will jump back from 60/100 to 40/100 but that’s it.

Indeed none it’s reliable :slight_smile:

I don’t think an algorithm could reliably calculate that… Not when you can loop something straight to the beginning based on a parameter unknown on design time. Approximate - sure, with enough data, but nothing reliable enough.

Is multilevel progress and/or user defined steps (essentially manual progress markers) acceptable? :wink:

It is actually done now - you can set a custom flag inside your process that will display in the Robot Agent. The activity is called Report Status.

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