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I have a little problem with a process, the scenario of the robot is to fill empty fields of an application from an Excel file and after displaying them in an array of this application.
the problem is that the columns of this table change places when we fill a precise field which is called “amount”, if not the table is correctly displayed.

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@Manjuts90 hello man how are you ? any help for this topic plz

Am not getting your problem. Can you add some screenshots? Of your excel and the application? So that I can help better?

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I need to fill in the fields from an excel file that contains columns that are not in order by inputting to the application array.

my problem is that when I fill the field (yellow), the columns of the tables of the application changes place and I found some others column.

okay. So your problem is filling the table at the bottom?
Am i getting it right?

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yes exactely

You need to use dynamic selectors so that you can fill the table even if the columns keep changing position.
Can you show me the table structure using UI Explorer ?
Indicate one of the fields that you want to enter the value and send a screenshot. Something like this :

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thank you for your answer, how do I extract the selectors of my array ? , with ui explorer it’s show me just the selector of menu system …

I mean how do I find the selector of each element of the array.

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Click on Indicate Element on the UI Explorer. Then you can click on the element you want to enter text.

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thank you for your time buddy :slight_smile:

No problem. Did you figure out your issue?

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Hi @kaderms,

I think i was wrong on my request, but ehat you gave me was necessary to know how selectors work.

my request is how to extract column names from a table of this application and put them in a text file and index them.
because when I try for example to fill a field in the image that I sent you (in yellow), the table changes and adds another columns: and the goal in all this is to find an algorithm that helps us to position oneself in the wish column without paying attention to the changing of the places of the columns.

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