Display Dictionary values or keys of type dictionary(of string, of string)

I have a table where I am reading three columns refNo, product, short description. based on the product, description pairing i pass the refno through. I am using a input dialog to display dict.Keys.ToArray where the product is the key, and it passes the associated refno. I would like to display in the drop down “product” + “short description”.

i.e. refno is 2, product is 100001, short description is Widget Name, I’d want the dropdown to show amongst the other options 100001 Widget Name. Because I can’t memorize all product numbers.

Like I said, it’s easy for me to do this with just a dictionary with one key and one value as strings but how would one do this if they had a dictionary with two keys and one value?

A dictionary with two keys is not possible.
However, can’t you try to create a dictionary with a key and a dictionary?

// Dictionary with product and description
var prodDesc = new Dictionary<string, string>();
// Dictionary with ref no and dictionary of product description.
var refDict = New Dictionary<string, prodDesc>();

You can store the values related to one product in an array and add those to the dictionary which will return the array if you get the value from dictionary based on the product ID.

Else you can concat the remaining values as a string and then add it to the dictionary which will return as string