Display a particular page of pdf file on click of each Tab

I was able to display a particular page by concatenating as per below in HTML element component.

<embed src="{{data.pdf_Storage}}{{data.in_pagenumber}}" width = "700px" height = "1000px"> </embed>

I have Tabs component and I want to display a particular page on click of each tab.
Basically, I need to update the value of {{data.in_pagenumber}} on click of each tab.
How will I do it?

Thanks in advance.


You can try adding a tab for each page, add a button component inside the tab & set it text property to the page number.

Add a click event for each button & in the click event handler, add a set value action that updates the value of {{data.in_pagenumber}} to the page number corresponding to the clicked button.

Just a structural idea & might need some R&D. Hope this helps,

Best Regards.

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Thank you for your reply. I will check this. Thanks again.