Dispatching to more than one Queue

Hi, I have a project where I am reading a file, using logic then need to populate two unique queues based on the logic reading the file.

With this type of logic, can I load both queues from one dispatcher xaml or should I divide these into separate dispatcher processes? I will also have two performer processes as the processing of each queue is very different.

Appreciate any input. Thanks

Hi @Chris_Livesay,

 The best practice is to always separate the sub-processes as individual XAML.

 1. Helps you to maintain and debug the code effectively whenever needed.
 2. Enables you to use it elsewhere (Having a reusable artefact is always better).

 To me, you can maintain a single dispatcher with a **Data Table and Queue Name** as an input argument. So that you can use this snippet anywhere easily.

 Keep the processor as two different XAML files, anyway those processors are unique to this project.

Thanks for the reply. I am being very modular in thinking when building my sequences so that is why I was asking the original question about using 2 sequences to populate 2 queues within on Dispatcher process. Are you confirming that I should handle this with separate Dispatcher processes? Thank you

@Chris_Livesay, Use single dispatcher, pass two arg (datatable , queue name). You call the dispatcher from the processor file that you are using to process the files. As there are two processor files, you can pass the datatable and queue name for each logically processed data.