Dispatcher processes with different parameters

We have developed one dispatcher (a process to be time-triggered to add items to Queues). so we have:
1 package, 1environment (1 Robot), 1 process, 3 TIME triggers with different input parameters for 3 different dispatchers

Every dispatcher runs in different time, but sometimes if the dispatcher1 puts long time, the 2nd one cannot start. we got the error:
#trigger XXX_Dispatcher for #process XX could not create jobs. The robots already have pending jobs for this Process (#1670).

what is the best way to run the same process (package<-- --> environment) without errors. in other ways, make the orchestrator put the other dispatcher in “Pending” state till the other one finishes.

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Write a While loop in your dispatcher that checks if another dispatcher job is running using the Get Jobs activity. You would need to have the filter set to `"“State eq ‘Running’", and then you can check if any item in the output Jobs has the ProcessName set to the same name as the one used by the other dispatchers.

if so, just continue looping until there are no more remaining processes.

I didn’t get the solution.