Dispatcher + Performer, How to organize Execution on Orchestrator, Please Advise

Hello Guys,
I am doing an automation for the company I work,

  1. I have a REFramework Dispatcher and one separate for Performer.
  2. This process needs to be executed every 4 hours in one unattended Robot through Orchestrator.
  3. How should I deploy the solution, please help me.
    Should I publish both processes as packages and then upload in orchestrator and schedule the dispatcher and the performer (+5 Mins) or how.

Much appreciated


Hi @Hurmet_Noka ,

You are thinking in the right direction.

If you have one machine then publish both package and schedule both dispatcher and performer with 5 min of gap.
Anyways when dispatcher get complete only then performer will run and it will wait in Pending.

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So that’s how I should do it ?
Cuz someone was saying i should put a start process at the end of dispatcher…I don’t know how to do that when packages are published in Orchestrator

When you have two different process published in Orchestrator then you just need create schedule for both…
ex - 1st Schedule - Dispatcher - Create daily schedule at 8:10 am
2nd Schedule - Performer - Create daily schedule at 8:05 am

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Hi @Hurmet_Noka,

Here I am assuming your perfomer takes no longer than 3 hours and 45 minutes

Lets take the Dispatcher first.
If your queue items are added quite quickly you can schedule your performer to run after a static time delay. Say if your dispatcher starts at 10:00 am and takes 10 minutes, your perform can be scheduled to run at 10:15 with a 5 minute buffer.
Dispatcher runs again at 14:00 and Performer at 14:15 and this can continue.

You can use cron expression on both the dispatcher and performer triggers.

Say your dispatcher fails, your performer has no consequence as there are no items in the queue, it will gracefully stop.

Yes you can publish both process to orchestrator and can trigger published processes in orcherator using the advanced scheduling option. There you can use the cron expression for

Dispatcher : 0 0 0/4 ? * * * (Every 4 hours)
Performer : 0 15 0/4 ? * * * (15 minutes past the hour, every 4 hours)

Edit 24.07.2021 - 11:30
@Hurmet_Noka There was an error in the performer cron expression schedule, you do not need to run it at minute 0 so have edited it to the correct expression.

Performer : 0 0,14 0/4 ? * * * (At 0 and 14 minutes past the hour, every 4 hours) is now editted to
Performer : 0 15 0/4 ? * * * (15 minutes past the hour, every 4 hours)

Hope this helps you.


Hi @Hurmet_Noka ,

Just a update. Above, I assumed your performer was using REFramework.

If you are using the REFramework in your performer, then the peformer will gracefully fail when there are no items in the queue.

If you have a custom performer, I hope you have some logic which stops the performer when there are no items in the queue.

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I am using REFramework for both.
So i Thinks its good. When All items are successful it ends with no transaction data.
Thank You

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