Dispatcher: getting erro to find duplicate items in Excel file and mark their status as duplicate using for each activity

my problem statement: I am given a code of another developer where the business wants some specific changes.

1.)In a excel file , they want that duplicate rows should be marked "is duplicate " in the status column of the excel file and however, they donot want to delete the duplicate rows.

2.) and only one queueitem must be created combined for all those similar data.

The code is like this: read range activivty reads the excel file → stores datatable in dtOutput

and then dtOutput is used in a for each row activivty to → add queueitems

How can i find duplicate rows ? and same time i want them to be marked " is duplicate" in the Excel file and then queueitems should be added only for the current row ?

@samantha_shah I have given my update on your other post, I hope it will solve the issue.