Dispatcher and Performer

I have the below scenario:

Robot keeps checking emails at regular intervals of time process the emails. Do we need two robots one for dispatcher and one for performer.

How to implement this scenario.



If you want to run both processes 24*7 then you need two Robots. One is for Dispatcher and another one is for Performer.

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Yah this can be done with SCHEDULE option from orchestrator so that it will look at regular intervals
With the help of Dispatcher Process with one robot

The steps involved will be like
—let’s create a process for Dispatcher and is assigned with one robot say robot A
—this robot will be set to schedule to trigger at regular intervals
—and once after each it completes the Performer must be triggered
—let’s create another process a new project for Performer and assigned with the another robot say robot B
—this will not be set to schedule but…

—in the same dispatcher process at last use a START JOB activity where we can mention the process name for Performer so that it will trigger the process for performer Immediately once the dispatcher is done
So two robots
One triggered with schedule
While another one is triggered by previous process itself using Start Job

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Thank you very much for the solution.

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Cheers @krishbcd

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