Dispatcher: adding all invoices in the queue for ACEME site

Iam making dispatcher to upload all the data inside invoices in the orchestrator queue. But iam getting an error and the process is running infinetly. As there will be only one transaction you can see is its running transaction no 1 again and again. Its uploading more items in the queue from invoices. it has 130 no of data in invoices and its uploading 200 as you can see in the image. kindly help.

second image of orchestrator.

I think you can’t change the status because you made changes to the SetTransaction Status workflow.
open a new framework :slight_smile:

yeah, i made in changes in SetTransaction Status Workflow. I changed the type of in_Transaction item as string from QueueItem. How should i open an new framework??

because orchestrator stores data as q items, you must first retrieve it and then convert it to string
open uipath studio and new robotic enterprise fremawork

I suggest you do a research on how to handle q items