Discrepancies in learning Video and UiPath Studio - Level 1 Foundation Training Lesson 4

HI Team, I am new to UiPath and started learning. There are options which are not available in UiPath which was showed in video.

Level 1 - Foundation Training - Lesson 4

While trying to change an element using Edit selector not able to find Attach Live Element but in Video it shows.
Instead of Attach Live element I have used Indicate element option.
Is this the feature upgraded or missed in UiPath studio?

Kindly let me know if I missed any thing.
Thanks in Advance


Yes, attached to live element was deprecated now. You can use indicate element and also use Validate option to validate selector.

one more option is there Highlight. You can use it to highlight indicated element.


Thank you Lakshman for a quick turnaround.

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