Discovery Document Error While Connecting Studio To TM

When connecting to Test Manager to Studio, this error comes up when clicking on "Connect" - "Error loading discovery document: Issuer name does not match authority: https://OrchestratorURL/identity” .

Error: When trying to connect Studio to Test Manager, the below error pops-up,

In order to fix this, proceed as follows:

  1. Access the Test Manager server, navigate to the UiPath Test Manager installation folder
  2. Open the appsettings.production.json file > find the "FrontendUrl" key and make sure that the value (which is the Test Manager URL and the port) is written in lower caps. https://TMurl:port
  3. If it is in camel case or any other capitalization, modify it to be in lower caps
  4. Perform an IIS reset after this change.