Disconnected Mode Issue

Hi all,

I am trying to run the bot in disconnected mode using Task scheduler. Some part of the workflow is working fine. But I have found that activities like select item and http request are failing to execute in disconnected mode.
Is there any way to run http request in disconnected mode. ? And what can be the cause of issue …


Just a thought

When you say Disconnected mode does that mean background automation? If so, do you think back slash() in the http request url is causing the issue? If yes, if you replace it with windows shortcut (with sendwindows message checked) it might work.

Thanks for the response.
By Disconnected Mode I mean that when the Uipath Robot is running in interactive session.
I am using Http request activity to download files.

Can you please provide a screenshot of the solution. That will be very helpfull …

Firstly, are you getting any activity error or nothing is being returned? Are you able to capture the response or response code?

if you want a forward slash ( / ) use Alt + 47 (googled this)

I may be wrong, but by ides was to url.Replace("/","Alt+47) and pass it in Http Request endpoint and select SendWindowsMessage checked.

Ps: I’m not allowed to touch laptop over the weekends. :wink:

So i checked the logs, based on that i see Http Request is working and downloading the file. But as soon as the activity is completed it is causing this error:

22:11:21.7898 Trace {“message”:“Invoke workflow file Faulted”,“level”:“Verbose”,“timeStamp”:“2017-06-17T22:11:21.7898991+08:00”,“windowsIdentity”

Also i dont find SendWindowMessage field in Http request activity.

Can you share your workflow I can try on my end.

I moved the Http Request activity into a new workflow and invoked that workflow in the main workflow and selected input as isolated. So now it is working fine.