Disconnect from the ERP

Hi all,
I need your help to find out what is going on.
I have a development of a process that performs several things in an erp that is mounted in a citrix, there is no problem (the machine has 8GB of ram). At a point where you only have to enter the date, through system.datetime.now.tostring (“dd / MM / yyyy”) (the format requested by the system which is day / month / year), it loses connection with the erp (which is in java), placing the mouse (“loading”) and not allowing interact with the other buttons.

Thanks for your help.

Did the date time of same format worked when entered manually to that field…
Kindly check that once buddy
Cheers @askPWC

Yes already check, the date time apply is in latinamerica format. Which is Day/month/year.
Thanks for the quick answer

If possible can i have a view on the form with the manual date been entered to it
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Actually, this is a dev for a entrerprise, so i can’t access the erp freely, the isuue is still, when have to write the date.
I test system.datetime.now.tostring(“dd/MM/yyyy”)
Put in variable, writting directly in the type into and nothing.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Fine @askPWC
Kindly enable the property and try once buddy like
–Clickbefore typing
–Simulate click
In type into activity

Cheers @askPWC

already enable, nothing happens.
This is a serious issue, because stop the project delivery

@Palaniyappan Thanks for the reply

to have a better perspective of the project:
It stores a table in memory (read by an excel file and filtered, with around 600 records)

Then a route is made with a for each, and inside it has 3 main if depending on the content of a column. Within these if are the necessary procedures such as placing the date that is where you lose connection.