Disaster Recovery steps

What steps need to be performed during Disaster Recovery activity ?

Please note UiPath doesn’t have any official documentation on what steps need to be performed during a Disaster Recovery (DR) activity. However, we suggest performing below steps in order -
1. Make sure to have 2nd instance is up and running - Meaning: database, URLs, certificates, etc., should be intact
2. Elasticsearch URL should be accessible from 2nd instance of Orchestrator
3. Turn off the 1st instance of Orchestrator
4. Change VIP to point to new data center
5. Access Web UI for Orchestrator and validate new IP 
6. Check the status of robots 
7. Run a job and see if it works as expected 
8. Make sure all schedules/triggers are working as expected 
9. Other items to check - Assets, queues, receiving emails, etc., in Orchestrator UI