Disabling button in form designer based on condition

Can we disable button in form designer based on condition like if variable has value greater than 70 then it should be enabled otherwise it should be disabled

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If you check the ‘Conditional’ tab in a button’s properties (in Form Designer mode) you will the option to set ‘Display’ to True or False based on your condition.

I am not sure if you can enable or disable the button using scripts, but you can hide the button on conditions.

Thanks for the reply. In simple condition we can define the condition based on existing form elements. Can we hide the button based on variable we have declared outside create form task.

Hi @Paone
Yes, you can pass a value in from the ‘Collection’ property in the Properties panel.
Based on the value of a passed variable, you can set components visible or invisible.
Please refer to the screenshots in my reply on this post:

Yes, I have used this ‘Collection’ property. But in advanced condition, conditioning with the input argument is not working.

Please try simple conditioning first before trying JS.
If simple conditioning works fine, you could take another look at JavaScript or other ways.

Thanks for your inputs. Simple conditioning worked for me. I actually checked the GenerateInputFields in form properties and for the arguments that I am passing inside form, I did hide those generated input fields since we will be able to use only those elements which are inside form for simple conditioning.

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Glad to be of help.
Happy Automating!

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