Disabling all HTTP feeds for Robots

How to disable all HTTP feeds (Offical, Go) during Robot installation and manually post installation?

1. During installation:

The UiPath Installer needs to be run with the following parameters:
ADDLOCAL=DesktopFeature,Robot,RegisterService,StartupLauncher NUGET_OPTIONS=DisableOnlineFeeds

Please note that the URL feeds are not removed from configuration files, just ignored. 

2. Manual: After a robot has already been installed HTTP feeds can be ignored by adding the following lines to UiPath.config:

    <add key=“skipHttpConfigurationSources” value=“true” />

Here is are before and after screenshots of the UiPath.config file



This parameter helps one to disable the online UiPath official and Community feeds for the Robot - only the Orchestrator and local feeds are taken into consideration.