Disabled The Windows AD But Still Able To See The AD In Orchestrator In Add User Page

Resolution for Disable the Windows AD but still able to see the AD in Orchestrator add user page.

  1. Within the Orchestrator Identity Management setup, in the Users tab , in the authentication settings, the user clicks the Configure button for editing the configuration for Active Directory and Unchecks the Enabled checkbox then Test and Save,
  • When the user hits Save, Orchestrator updates the following tables in the database -
  1. Within the Identity database , the tables DirectoryConnections and ExternalIdentityProviders are updated.
  2. The IsActive Flag in the ExternalIDentityProviders gets updated as 0
  3. The issue is in the DirectoryConnections table the IsDeleted flag remains 0

As a workaround, update the isDeleted flag as below:

  1. Look for table "DirectoryConnections" and query it select * from DirectoryConnections
  2. Look for a record with your domain and set isDeleted column to true
  3. Refresh Orchestrator UI and domain name no longer will appear.

Note: Take backup of table before making any changes.

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