Disable Server Manager Window Pop-Up

How to disable the Server Manager window, so it will not interfere with the Unattended Robot?

When the Robot user logs in to the machine (Windows Server OS) to perform its automations, the Server Manager might open, pop-up in the foreground and interfere with the possible selectors present in the process.

Below are the steps to perform in order to disable the automatic startup of the Server Manager application.

Note: Login in as the Robot user and perform the changes:

Approach #1: Disable Server Manager using server manager properties

  1. In Server Manager window click on "Manage" and then "Server Manager Properties"
  1. Now tick the box that says “Do not start Server Manager automatically at logon”:

Approach #2: Use Group Policy Editor

  1. Run gpedit.msc to edit the either the policy of the local machine or change your domain group policy settings.
  2. Go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Server Manager:

Approach #3: Disable Server Manager from Task Scheduler

  1. Open Task Scheduler
  2. In the left navigation pane, go to Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Server Manager
  3. Right Click on the “ServerManager” Task and choose "Disable":

Approach #4: Use PowerShell to disable the Server Manager Scheduled Task

  1. Run Windows PowerShell
  2. Enter the command:

Get-ScheduledTask -TaskName ServerManager | Disable-ScheduledTask -Verbose

The output should be like,