Disable print and other pdf security settings

Hi Team,

I am building an automation where i need to secure pdf documents to Disable print, disable copying content and Enable text access for screen reader devices the visually impaired.
Can you please let me know how we can do this without opening each pdf and applying settings.
Is there any in built activity for this.
I checked in pdf activities package but cannot find any activity for this



I believe all these permission can be disabled with the pdf application itself like adobe reader, which will protect the file from being manipulated

And btw there is no activity to do this with UiPath


Hi @Palaniyappan

Thanks a lot for your reply. My requirement is to set security settings through bot instead doing it manually.
I am trying to do this using c# code in Invoke code activity. The code is working fine in visual studio. But I cannot make it to work in UiPath. I am using IronPDF package for this. Now I am not sure how can i add external package reference in invoke code activity. I added Ironpdf package in the solution. Can you showme how to use namespace in invocke code activity. I am using simple c# syntax, but it doesn’t work.

using IronPDF;

@Palaniyappan To add further, I can see in Imports that namespace is included but still gives error.


Dear, did you get the solution?