Disable outlook rule, mails do not stop incoming, error automation reading email list

i have a big mailbox where mails do not stop the incoming and when i trigger or run the robot stops by error reading list because loose the counter or focus. I tried to stop the rule that move mails to the folder that the robot read but is not possible to get the selector to click on disable

how i solve this problem incoming mails or disable rules maybe with script? i dont know write a script for stops rules
is it right?–>

Safer approach is to launch the robot, at that time whatever the mails are to be read by the robot. Read them and move all at once in a folder, “Mails under process”. Then loop through this new folder and move the mail items to the processed folder(desired destination folder)

Hope this helps!

how can i move them at once if move mail message only admit the item of a collection not the whole collection. i need to loop first

once you use, Get Outlook Mail Message activity then you get the emails in a variable of List. you can loop through this and use Move Mail Actovoty to move the read emails in the folder. Then process that folder’s emails one by one

i see… is not what i am looking for because if i have to treat 100 mails it last almost 1 minute in processing the movement, thats enought time to entry a new one and loose the counter.

I need to stop the incoming messages

But i apreciate and i will give it a opportunity because reduces a bit the timer.

We worked with a client and was moving 400+ emails in less than 5 seconds. How is it configured for you? Is there any programmatic setting that prevents the script enablement? Check the settings of your outlook to see everything is all good. Below link will help to confirm.

Configuring Outlook Security Settings (uipath.com)

The outlook mail activities are using application API and are fast. This much time is not ideal.

Regarding the script, below link has the function and the class mentioned:

vba - How to temporarily stop event script on incoming emails? - Stack Overflow

there are multiple ways to handle, at the start of the process, you can store the current time in a variable and while processing the mail items, process only those unread emails that are received before the time you recorded at the start of exaction

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that’s quite fast what activity are you using?

i am using get mail outlook message

We had use Outlook Activity. Make sure your settings in programmatic tab are correct.

You can even consider Exchange, that is also a good way to get this done

i put the programative tab like in the link
but it gives me an error

That setting is done correctly

Request you to restart the outlook, close the outlook completely
relaunch it
check if the setting is still the same and if yes, then try running the robot again

still same problem but this time i think is because i am using same account in 2 different machines and needs to syncronize

and is possible you know my second problem:
the latest runs i did is copying mail instead move it. Do you know why and how to solve it?

How is this possible?

Move email works fine. there’s no issue with the other configuration

as you are using it in multiple devices, seems they aren’t getting cynic sync properly

Try removing from one machine and trying once to see if that is the issue