Disable Nuget Package Restoration on Process Run

Hi All, this is my first post here,
I have a process package created and published to Orchestrator, I am trying to run the process that uses that package from orchestrator, the process gets stuck in the state [Running] for a long time showing message [Installing Packages]

After some troubleshooting, I found that it’s trying to restore some Nuget packages from the store and fails, obviously because I don’t have an internet connection on the servers.

So my question now is, is there a way to skip this package restore step without having to ask the IT team to enable the Internet Connection?

Connect to internet once and get the packages installed on the machine. Else you will have to manually add the package files to the bot machines you use to run this bot.

Hi Kannan,
Thanks for your reply, is there a way to find out what exactly are the packages? also, it seems to me that these packages are not necessary for the process execution, because the process runs successfully after the restoration timeout, that’s why I have been thinking that there’s probably a way to skip that step

Log files will have information regarding the packages which UiPath tried to install. By default, log files can be found here %LocalAppData%\UiPath\Logs.