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I create two processes. One is named as “ParentChild” Process with Main.xaml (set Main) and Msg.xaml (disable entry point). Another process is named as “DisableEntry” process which contains Main.xaml which has an activity - Invoke process to invoke “Msg” from “ParentChild”. I expect the published process “DisableEntry” cannot invoke “Msg”. However, it does work.

Please Help!

Thanks in advance


HI @King,

Your requirement is not clear. Could you please mention in detail what is it you are trying to achieve?


It works because your Invoke Workflow directly references the XAML file’s path and filename from your other automation’s code. It isn’t running Msg from the other published automation. It’s just picking up the file from the path you gave the Invoke activity.

Dear Sonali and Paul,

Thanks for your message. I made a mistake. Eventually, I do not know what ‘disable entry point’ means. So, I guess it may be a rule to restrict invoke process and therefore, I try to verify it. As a result, I find it is associated with Orchestrator. When we trigger a process, we can select the entry point. If I disable the entry point of some of the workflow, it cannot be selected.

Thank you very much !

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