Disable connection to Orchestrator Enhanced Robotic Framework

I want to make linear Process in Enhanced Robotic Framework template without using Orchestrator and Queue. Can i disable it in this template? Every time when i started process i have failed error on Get Transaction Item activity.

@Olegik_Super u can disable the activities which is related to orchestrator(Mostly u have following orchestartor activities in RE- framework like Get Asset, get Transaction item might be few other activities will be there)

if i disable activity - i have “no transaction data” error

@Olegik_Super I am not sure of it, But if disable activities which i have said orchestrator connection won’t be there.


As i understand,
You have developed a linear process and you dont want to use orchastrator queue.
So just replace activity “get transaction data” with other appropriate activity.
For example if you are fetching data from excel then you have to use get row item activity and output of this should be assigned to transaction variables.

Try this…if you have any more quires feel free to connect me👍

Another approach is to try one of the solutions already made on UiPath Go.
Others (including myself) are in need of what you are seeking.
Please check the following page for inspiration.
UiPath Go - Workflow Template

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This is really good platform…
Thanks @mmc