Directly create a queue item when a form is submitted via Formstack


I am working on an automation that utilizes Formstack to collect submitted forms. I would like to ask if there is a way where we can directly connect Formstack to UiPath Orchestrator so that whenever a form is submitted, it can automatically create a queue item.


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Does formstack has capability to call api’s?

If yes then UiPath has orchestrator api’s which can add queue items and you can call them from formstack to add the queue items to the reapective queue

To know about the api details you can use <OrchestratorURL>/swagger/index.html

For a started help on how to create external applications and authetication check below docs


Hi @Anil_G, thank you for responding. I’ll check this with the Formstack support team but as far as I know, the only capability it has is webhook integration.

We were able to successfully do it via Formstack to Power Automate to UiPath but as much as possible, we wanted to minimize it and remove a third application in the interaction.


Can you please explain what you are doing in power automate?

You can have similar approach in UiPath as well as all the support is same for any rpa tool


Sorry for the confusion, I am pertaining to the Cloud Power Automate, not its RPA tool.

For our current automation, whenever a form is submitted in Formstack, Cloud Power Automate will receive the submitted information via webhook. Then, through API request, Cloud Power Automate will create a Queue Item in UiPath Orchestrator using the information obtained from the submitted form. Hence, Cloud Power Automate acts as a bridge between the Formstack and Orchestrator.

What we wanted is to remove the bridge, Cloud Power Automate, and have a direct connection between Formstack and Orchestrator when creating a Queue Item.


The same webhooks can be used on studio web or studio as well and we can leverage the functionality

cloud power automate works on api connectors similar approach can be leveraged