Diploma Issue

Hey UiPath Team,

I from China therefore I Sign In account of UiPath RPA Academy with HanZi (王波),

It’s so [unfortunately](javascript:;), it unable to display the Chinese characters correctly on Diploma, the screenshots as below

Please help me ASAP, it is very important and urgent to me now. Thanks!

Register Email: paulwanginms@outlook.com

@ovi @loginerror

Please help him.

Yeah, I have updated my profile in English instead of HanZi :slight_smile:


Now your name is appearing or not ?

even i modify my profile and sign out/in, it still not work. :frowning:

Now my profile as below.

you already finish your advance training when your name still in HanZi.
So even if you updated your profile name it will still registered as HanZi profile name on your advance training system.

my suggestion:

  • ask UiPath team
  • or simply finish the advance training again on different email with new profile name. (No multiple choice which is you just need to upload same practical assignment 1-2).

congratulation on your advance training btw :slight_smile:

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hello please visit here and open a ticket with regards to name change on the diploma

Thanks for your answer. but i have passed lots of training with that name.
So, you know, i have to ask UiPath team

Thank you! i have already submitted a ticket, i will have a eyes on my email.