Digitizing excel sheets?

I am able to use DU to extract data from unstructured PDF documents.
However, I have to extract similar information from excel sheets.
Can I digitize an excel sheet ?
Reason : 1st excel file has vendor, 2nd file has supplier, 3rd file has 3rd party. All 3 need represent same data. Can I use DU taxanomy for the same ?

Or should I use regex for extraction from excel and DU for extraction from PDF ?

please advise

Hi @preeti.thukaram1
I think if possible u can try excel manipulation

Or What u can do is

  1. Convert the excel to pdf file

  2. then apply DU

This helps

Nived N

Thanks but I am thinking of using Regex

The reason to not use DU is because of the license. Converting excel to DU is going to be a costly option.

Ya @preeti.thukaram1
You can even try it after converting the excel to pdf and trying out regex.

Nived N