Digitize Document in Inteligent OCR

im using inteligent OCR to extract data from invoices, but i keep getting this error, may you please help me if you can?



Hello @fachi3

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May I know what version of studio you are using and also whether its community or enterprise?

Why I ask that is because the error you get is about a license maintenance


Did anyone get a response on this one? I’m just now exploring with this function and I’m using UiPath 2019.6.0. I’m getting this same error. I will keep searching for a resolution.

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Hello @tmartin

Yes… This is because of the API keys that we have to use in Intelligent OCR.

First important thing to do is, update the UiPath UI Automation activities to its latest version.

Next, Login to the Orchestrator cloud platform. There under licenses, you see the API codes for CV, Invoice processing and Receipt Processing. Based on your scenario, get the API key copied from there and add it to the Machine learning extractor activity.

This will help you to get rid of the error that you are getting.

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Thanks I will try this out today.

This is wrong. He is getting the error on the OCR Engine, not the ML Extractor. I am seeing the same problem that he is on certain documents within the digitize document activity. My ML Extractor is set up with the API key pulled from https://cloud.uipath.com.

You may need to upgrade your machine to Windows 10 if you are on Windows 7. You could also install the UiPath.OmniPage.Activies package and use the OmniPage OCR Engine instead as a workaround.

You can see the details in my similar question.