Difficulty in developing complicated use case

Hello all

I am currently working on a complex use case (so many activities, variables, etc )
is there any advice to organize the project activities and variables?
Even I used the invoke methods, organizing the project was still complicated

Thanks in advance


yes there even is an academy course for this: Project Organization in Studio
Also check out Project Organization in UiPath Docs
and the threads in this Best Practice “Wiki”: UiPath Best Practices wiki
For use cases with a lot of data/variables you could consider using UiPath Data Service.

Personal advice: find a Work Breakdown Structure that works for you and your team. Document, annotate, comment, rename as you build your automation, don’t procrastinate it until the end of the project and try to avoid nested activities (sequence in an if activity in a for each activity in an if activity), better use flowcharts from the get-go. Then, if you’re done - do it again. You’ll find your individual style with a lot of practice.

Happy automating

Thank you a lou

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