Difficulte in publish the robot in orchestrator

I created a machine in my tenant and associate in my username the RPA Developer (Syudio) and the autonomous robot, I published the robot, but the package did not appear in the orchestrator, but the message that was published appeared.

I didn’t create the robot in my default folder, because my machine didn’t show up when I tried to create the robot in this folder.
I created the machine on my tenant and the robot created automatic, but not associeted the machine. Can you help me, please?

hi @lourena.coutinho

Please check you studio whether it is pointing to Default folder or not?


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Yes, do I need to publish the robot in this folder?

Because I published the robot in another folder and the robot appeared.

But, now I have another problem, because I can’t associate the autonomous robot with a machine.

Hi @lourena.coutinho,
Are you using Classic folder or Modern Folder? And how are you connecting the Assistant, using Machine Key or Interactive Sign-in?

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Hi @lourena.coutinho,
Is it resolved? It will be helpful to others if you can mention what you have done to fix issue as well. :slight_smile:

Ah ok. Certainly!

I had not created the standard machine for the unattended robot and for this reason it did not appear.

I created the machine again as a default, went to the default folder and created the robot, created the environment and published the robot.

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